Regency Health Resort and Spa...Rejuvenate your Mind, Body and Spirit.

"The first wealth is health"-Ralph Waldo Emerson      

Centered around the concept of holistic living, the Regency is an oceanfront, all inclusive  destination resort and spa located on the soft sandy beaches of sunny south Florida.

Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and the Hollywood Broad walk,  the Regency  is a haven for good health and relaxation.

Here our guests experience not only the benefits of weight loss and physical fitness but also the virtues of a positive attitude for the mind, body and spirit.

Your journey to true wellness starts at the Regency...your "home away from home"

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The Regency offers a wide variety of daily activities with every aspect of the program designed to enhance lifestyle awareness and re-education.

Our program fosters your mind, body and spirit  through our nutritious    high alkaline vegetarian cuisine, health lectures, fitness programs and spa therapies. It is designed to address the following issues:

*Weight Loss

*Disease prevention and anti- aging/longevity

*Prevent and reverse pre-diabetes

*Prevent  heart disease

*Stress reduction

"Investing in health, will produce enormous benefits"-Gro Harlem Brundtland

Call Us 1-800-454-0003

Call Us 1-800-454-0003

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